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Serang, Indonesia

April 10, 2020

Personal Website Refresh 2020

It's time to launch my personal website, again and it's always a work in progress.

2 mins read

In this post, I will tell you some of the things behind the personal website refresh. But most of the reason is about giving back to community.

Design tools I use

Designer, I know you love tools, and we know you also love the design process. I will share my design process for building portfolio in another post, so don’t worry.

In this project, I use the power combo of Sketch and Abstract (Designer’s version control–it’s like GitHub).

Before I started this project, I really never use Abstract in my workflow. Luckily my company I work on is in progress adopting Abstract, so as part of learning the mindset of version control for designer, I use Abstract for my portfolio. I’m thinking of moving this project to Figma at another time.

My Portfolio Project on Abstract
My Portfolio Project on Abstract
My Sketch File
My Sketch File

The technology stack

I always want to be a front-end engineer because I’m curious about anything about web technology. This site using Gatsby.js as the framework, a React-based static site generator. Currently using JavaScript, maybe I’ll move it to TypeScript as part of learning!

I already learning Gatsby.js maybe a year as a hobbyist. Not just following the hype but to learn more about how React works in a framework and the magic of the system behind it.

Proudly deploying this site in Netlify. I have been their user since 2017; I really love the support team and the community forum because they’re beneficial for helping me when I got a problem when deploying projects.

I think that’s it! This is a super short blog post, I know. I just want to be more frequently to write anything. If you’re reading it until the end of the page, let’s connect on Twitter.